Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blow'in n Go'in

As we finish up September here in Nakuru, I’m really excited about what God has been doing on campuses since students returned at the first of the month. This past week I was in Nairobi and got to meet with three of our staff about a new approach they’ve started. The University is unique from our other campus sites. Because of the number of students enrolled they are always in session. Our staff sometimes doesn’t know if the students they are spending time with are on campus or at home because semesters end and begin in the middle of months. It borders on insanity. When the students are on campus, grabbing their attention with so much going on around them in Nairobi. I challenged our staff during our last retreat to begin to think how they can be most effective where God has placed them. To study their situations and come up with a way to best communicate and do ACO’s bread & butter (small groups & one-on-one discipleship). Our Nairobi Campus Director, Edwin, took the challenge and came up with a great approach. The Nairobi staff gather their key students (15) and spend an entire Saturday teaching a piece of our Basic package (Quite Time, Evangelism, Prayer, Studying God’s Word, Journaling). The staff then takes their one-on-one time during the 3 weeks of the month with each student and encourages, practices and holds them accountable to what they’ve studied. The first session was a hit! The students can’t wait for October’s session on Evangelism.
I’m also really excited about what has been put into place here in Nakuru. You saw the pictures of our 1st year (freshman) picnic where we had 40 students show. This summer our Regional Director for the northern part of the country, Big Vic, took 5 sophomores and did a 2-month internship with them. These students are now leading Bible studies for the 40 freshmen that came to the picnic. Our staff on Egerton is now able to invest in the sophomores as they invest in the freshmen! The NEW piece of helping students connect with their surrounding community has begun as well. Julius Odua, just came on staff in Nakuru to help our Egerton staff connect students in the Virginia Home Orphanage and in two local high schools. The groups will begin going this week to the campuses and 3 different groups will be spending an afternoon in the orphanage teaching and mentoring. The orphanage is in dire need of teachers since all but 2 walked out 4 days in the school year with better offers. The two teachers have been covering 7 classes!
God is at work! Its fun to see and at the same time Satan is not pleased. Please continue to pray for our family as we settle into life here. Everyday continues to be a battle of new things; new experiences and situations that are nothing like our American culture. Pray for Sydney and Raegan with school. Pray for Kerry and I to remain ONE united front, always communicating with each other. Pray that we find some good solid friends that we can do life together with. Pray for our conference next weekend…we’re expecting 60 of our key students from 5 campuses.
With that I’ll say goodbye. I promise to stay more on top of this blog. I’ve sat down every day this week to write this and each time someone somewhere in the country has needed something.