Monday, August 2, 2010

Entry #3

I had my first breakdown this week when left to myself in the house for a few hours because Tom was not feeling well.You would have been extremely amused at the fight I had with some shelves and a sewing machine Sunday.. The shelves won.They did not budge no matter how hard I hit them with the 100 year old solid metal sewing machine. Tom was sitting there watching me and calmly said in “Tom manner”, you might need that sewing machine in a few weeks to fix your curtains. :) The next day there were painters and a carpenter at my house. I have a good husband.

The kids are enjoying their new house and yard even though they are anxiously awaiting their bikes and bunk beds to arrive on the crate. Star Wars and Narnia are their huge enchantments right now as they watch as much as we will allow them to on their little portable dvd player in their new BLUE room. They love it. It’s cracking me up that they are perfectly content with their little portable dvd player laying on a twin bed next to each other on their bellies watching. And we thought they needed a TV room in Dallas. So silly, we are. No worries, we’ll have them spoiled and rotten again in no time if the crate ever arrives and their toy room/tv room gets set up. They also are spending a lot of time enacting their star wars and Narnia adventures throughout our yard. It’s very interesting to watch these two worlds of Narnia and Star Wars merge into one.

The tree that fell over the top of the house during the 10 minute hail storm has been removed. The tree cutter guy brought his machete and overlooked the tall ladder and shimmied up the tree with his legs wrapped around it and began cutting. Ropes were tied around the sections that he cut off and tried to be pulled away from the house as they fell to the ground. Only one window was busted during the whole event. Sequinta (our new contractor friend from up the street) has been at the house almost daily solving new problems that occur. He had someone there to replace the window by the afternoon, however because the rains were coming in again, the window pane slipped and broke but was placed gently in to keep water and mosquitos out until he could get another piece the next day. He is trying to find tiles for the roof to replace the broken ones and hopes to have those done next week.

Raegan asks daily when we are returning to Texas. Tonight, we had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, friend okra, macaroni and cheese and black eyed peas for supper. Sydney says, “Mom, this taste like “Texas Corn”. And Raegan says, I wish they had cheese dip and salsa in Africa. Bless his heart, not a day goes by that he doesn’t say he misses Texas or wishes he was in Texas

Ellias was so excited about his new push lawnmower that Tom spent one afternoon this week buying. There are no words to express the amount of time it takes to accomplish the task of buying something, rather it be going to the grocery store, not to mention the hardware store. Tom tried to drop me off and run get gas for the stove to pick up another liter of paint, that we had put in the order for 3 hours earlier. The manager says, “Well, you can take my guy to the paint supply place across town or we might have it ready tomorrow.” Well, sure why not. Can you imagine running the paint guy from Wal-Mart in one town over to the next Wal Mart to get the appropriate base paint and bringing him back and then waiting for him to mixi it! Welcome to Kenya. It was at this point in the day that we decided a bank account could wait another day, Since the first day Tom tried to open an account, they told him even if he had a million dollars he could not open it without 5 letters from different organizations recommending him and confirming who he was. However, the opposite of that is to register a child at school, you just fill out the form. No need for certificates of any kind. We are learning to understand the Kenyan phrase, “Tomorrow is a day.”

Our Family Church lesson this morning was on Joshua and the kids memory verse this week is “Do not fear!” Isaiah 35:4. We re-enacted the Israelites following Joshua (tom) into the promised land and looked for scary giants in the yard. (like the massive bird we saw cross behind some flowers) We took notice of all the beautiful blessings of the promised land like the flowers and the strong trees. We talked to the children about anything they might be scared of and prayed together about their bicycles arriving safely, the crate getting here soon, mommy sleeping better at night and safety in travel to Nairobi tomorrow. I highly recommend the pre-K Sunday school lesson for family church any Sunday, but only if your willing to dress up and act out the story together. Thank you VRBC youth for the idea. They did such a good job at the orphanages getting the students involved acting out the stories instead of just listening to them.

Everywhere I turn God is leading me to study Joshua and this move to Canaan. This journey to the promised land. This following of God. This when he says do something, you go first thing in the morning to do it-whenever your morning is, mine is normally not the same time as the rest of the world.

I am so moved today by what Priscilla (one in a million bible study, says). It’s not enough any more to hear the stories of the saints who have heard the voice of God, seen the miracles of God, experienced the power of God. I want to experience the power of God, hear the voice of God and expect the miracles of God in MY life. My I trust that my his power is mighty enough for my seas to be parted. May I be open and ready to hear when he speaks, and to act when he moves.



Prayer Request:

Raegan missing home and everyone who meant so much to him

Sydney-keeps making strides in her communication and learning

Kerry-patience with new pace of life, for new relationships & friendships to form quickly

Tom-wisdom, new student orientation at Moi and Egerton University

Safety for our team going to Botswania for 2 weeks to help missionaries there start college ministry

Negotiations to buy house and vehicles

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  1. hey there, when i remember you guys i whisper a prayer for you all.
    Justine K.