Tuesday, October 12, 2010

God's Random Appointments

Have you ever walked through your day wondering if God has a plan for the day? Or for you at all? I can remember my days in Harrison and Coppell, moving from meeting to meeting with purpose and plan in place only to find a "God Appointment" in place. This past weekend such an appointment happened here, not that there hasn't been plenty, but this one has stood out.
We took the kids swimming and met a family from another part of the world. We talked about kids, life, school and other things. Thought I'd met a nice guy who I'd see around here and then. The same family happened to come to dinner this past weekend after Kerry bumped into them and asked them over. My new friends Faith story is amazing! We talked for about 2 hours about his conversion experience from Atheist to Christian. As we talked about faith, his questions were exciting, fresh and fun to answer. What I realized was that his experience was so raw and uncontrolled. So unlike what we might hear in our typical Christian circles. I sent him away with a Bible, My Utmost for His Highest & Messy Spirituality. That should do a good job of confusing the heck out of him or awakening his Faith. Either way I can't wait to see him and see how his "new" approach is going. Funny, I came to Kenya thinking I'd pour into college kids and I'm helping a British born again Atheist develop his faith.
Have you ever walked through your day waiting for God's plan to take shape? I am.

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