Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying for the first time & missing Daddy

When I promised myself I'd write more often, I forgot that 4 weeks in Kenya with spotty world wide web service was before me. I have however manage to post in the same month.
Kenya is hot right now, I mean hot hot. Much like Kerry describes Arkansas. I told her this morning (her night) that a cold front would probably hit about the time I landed since I hate cold weather.
This trip has been great though. The first week here Vic Small (Victor Otieno, National Director) and I took a trip down to the coast. It didn't hit me until the day we were leaving that this would be Vic's first real airplane ride. Later in the day a friend in Mombasa explained it well, "its so fast, you feel like you don't get your monies worth." If I had to pick a first plane ride it might be this one. 45 mins. and Mount Kilimanjaro out the window for 20 mins. of the flight. We were able to visit the 2 campuses on the coast that God laid our hearts to begin ministry on. BOTH ACCEPTED US WITH OPEN ARMS!! We're praying that we will be able to have permanent staff in place by May.
This past weekend all of our staff made it to Nairobi for our staff retreat. A great weekend of planning, praying & playing together. ACO has a great 2012 planned and with God's blessings we pray that we will be able to disciple young men and women across Kenya! More Later.... when internet allows.

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