Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hope Defined

I find myself back in a PEACEFUL Kenya today, PRAISE GOD! We thank you all for your prayers and support. The Kenyan people have spoken and spoken peacefully for their next President. We are now called to pray for his leadership and new government that will soon be put into place. I'm now jumping into a study I'm preparing for this summer as we anticipate our University students from the US & Kenya. These young men and women will rub shoulders with each other and discipleship training here in Nairobi with the Stickney family and friends that share the common goal of equipping the next generation to reach the world with Christ. The study I will be leading will be on 1st & 2nd Timothy, so we might find that my blogging takes a slant in that direction. Your feedback in welcomed as it will make me look and sound much smarter come July! Here is my first take on the beginning of Paul's first letter to Timothy. Paul begins his greeting with a reminder and statement that is easily and quickly read over because its just him greeting or beginning the letter that is packed full of rich stuff. But the cornerstone of life is right there before us, “Christ Jesus is our hope” (NIV). Paul says, “I’m writing this to you Timothy”, because Jesus is my hope. My Hope. Timothy is stationed in a place dealing with the craziness of life and people that think they know more about anything and everything than he does. Sound familiar? Ever been in the situation? I have, its stressful. You feel inadequate, over-whelmed, like everything you say comes out wrong or is turned around to hurt you or be used against you. You wonder, “why, why me God”. Remove Timothy's immediate situation and just apply life. We all know how life can just seem like a losing battle, defeat after defeat, slip after slip, or high followed by a low. Doctors say this, bank needs that, boss feels this way, husband, wife, significant other feels and sees the situation in direct opposition to you. I could go on, but we get the point, I hope. It’s hard. Paul is about to unload a plethora of goodness on Timothy and consequently us and begins the entire seminar with, “hi, I’m Paul and Christ Jesus is my hope, He’s your hope.” Jew, Gentile, Sinner, or Saint your hope lies in Christ Jesus. Don’t forget that! Don’t start reading looking for God’s Word for you and miss the entire reality of life; our HOPE is in CHRIST JESUS alone. Is your HOPE in Christ Jesus today? This week?

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