Sunday, July 18, 2010


Thoughts from Kerry:

(my posts will be written like what I would have said had I been talking to you about my day, if you know me you will follow easy, if not you will get to know me and the way my mind processes these new experiences; I hope you will read these as I was telling you the story in person, and my excitement and jumping thoughts never leave room for correct grammar when story telling, so for those writers out there, I apologize and hopefully you can get through it and come to know my heart)

Day 1- Nairobi, Kenya

We’re stuck in traffic on our way home from the orphanage.

It’s hot.

The bus is not moving.

Helem is on my mind. The Lord has connected my heart to him for some reason. He is 14. I thought about him so often after we left last year. He stood out to me. I don’t know why. I wanted to take him with me desperately. I found out today his parents are both dead. He has an uncle who he sometimes spends holidays with.

Candy and Stacy are on my mind.

They sought me out today: I talked to them: sports, where we live, but ran out of things to say. When does Kerry run out of things to say?

The poverty is intense on the way back from the orphanage.

I see a mom give a coin to a man for an ear of corn for her child to eat; they are on a busy corner. The mother is doing something with a bucket; they probably are there all day. What does that child do all day to entertain herself? The child is smiling at me, a huge beautiful sweet smile. Mom looks and laughs, I wonder what the child said to her.

Sydney and Raegan are with Alice.

I want them with me.

Are they ok? Did they eat lunch? They’re across town but it seems like a great distance when I’m stuck in this traffic in a strange crowded city. There’s no getting anywhere fast. Ugggh! Frustrating! I’m not comfortable at this point unless they’re with me. I hope that feeling relaxes.

I’m glad their not on the hot bus!

Why did I not ask Candy and Tracey about their relationship with the Lord? I must be bolder.

Tony (orphanage director) shared how some of the adult workers aren’t so impressed with our teams coming, but he is thankful for each new person who comes to love and bless the children. To show them there are people who care about their future. He says he has learned to take time listen to each person God brings you in contact with. You may learn more from one hour with a person than a week with another. I’m thinking about that now. We only have hours with these children when we visit. No time to waste not having words. I pray I use my minutes more wisely next time.

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