Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From BNC to PCBC and Beyond

It really is fun not having to go to work. Work the past 11 years has meant that I attend the same church every Sunday. Over the past month Kerry, Sydney, Nathan-Raegan and I have experienced worship in several different places...
From the beautiful organ pipes that cover the stage walls at FBC San Angelo to the beach balls that shot across the auditorium as we sang "Oh, happy day, happy day. He washed my sins away" at Brand New Church in Bergman, Arkansas. To sit "in awe"as the orchestra from Park Cities Baptist Church played and then listen to the single acoustic guitar strum at FBC Harrison, all leading us to the throng of Christ. I'm reminded that God is a "me" God. He's a God that connects with the "mes" in this world because He cares and desires to have a full blown relationship with "me". If this me connects through this, then let him. If this me responds by that, then let her. What I've experienced is what I guess heaven will be like. All of us "mes", in one voice, worshiping our King, our Savior, our Redeemer, our God. It may sound a little off, like that sweet little lady did last night on Americas Got Talent, but it will truly be a worship that none of us have ever experienced before.
Thank you to Brand New Church! Thank you for allowing us to show up and hear how God wants us to have a healthy root system, fed by Him through spending time in His Word.
Thank you FBC San Angelo and the amazing Sunday School of Adult 4. What great fellowship & the food! People if you're looking for some good food.... hang a left off of I30 at Cisco, Texas and don't stop until you're in downtown San Angelo. Ask for Charlie's cook and you'll never go hungry again!!
Thank you to Park Cities Baptist Church! Kerry and I are holding onto the promise from Luke 7, our "faith has saved" us.
Great to see friends at FBC Harrison, meet new ones at Grand Avenue in Ft. Smith and we're looking forward to seeing familiar faces at Valley Ranch Baptist Church soon.
We are praying for Refuge Student Ministry and the 86:12 Mission team as they head to Atlanta next week. Praying for BNC Student Minitries as those young men and women head to Student Life Camp. Holding up students from FBC White Hall and their XFuge experience in North Carolina.
Praying for BNC and your 60 Days. Asking God to bless Park Cities Baptist as you celebrate freedom together as a church family on the 4th and praying for the orchestra as they minister in Russia these next few days. Praying for FBC Harrison and the Guatemala trip coming up. Praying for Grand Avenue's Tanzania group heading out soon.
We thank God for each and every one of you. We count you as friends and family and will carry your prayers and support with us on July 6th.

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  1. I was happy to be a pit stop on your journey. You can count on me, friends.