Monday, January 17, 2011

Insurance...Who Needs Insurance

Today I got up, dropped the kids at school, swam a mile in the school pool, met a friend for coffee and was taken to jail. I really enjoyed the swim, had a great time with my friend and would rather not do jail again.
I'd write about the coffee discussion or what Raegan talked about on the way to school, but I bet you're a little more interested in jail. Aren't you.
I was pulled over because the car I was driving didn't have insurance. It actually had insurance but the correct sticker wasn't on the window. The policeman, Simon Peter (pretty funny) asked me if I had the new sticker. I looked through the whole car and didn't see it. His partner, Mary (ironic) then told me my choices. First, I could give them a ride to the Police station where they would then arrest me, thats right give them a ride. Second, they could tow the car and we could go together to the police station and they could arrest me (that would mean walk there). Third, I could buy them lunch. Yep, I know what you're thinking and I did just that. I picked the first choice. I drove myself to jail, its funny even now. Simon Peter, told me he'd detain me until I could pay the bail and produce up to date insurance. BUT, I didn't have the up to date insurance because the persons car I was driving was in the US today and for a few weeks longer. Somehow, my "I Love Jesus" status (see boys and girls don't knock it) got me an exemption to the rule. I was able to leave the car, get my friend I met for coffee to take me to the insurance agency and then return with my proof of insurance and post bail. I'm due in High Court #7 in the morning to plead guilty and pay my fine. They're serious about insurance here. When you visit you'll see how comical that is with what goes on during a normal day of traffic in this country.
Simon Peter & Marry were as nice as they could be. I got Simon's number and we're suppose to have tea soon. All in All quite a day. Some of you didn't understand when I told you over the past few weeks that every day in Africa is an adventure. Tomorrow, well tomorrow I'll be in High Court, no telling what will come of that experience.
Next time a US Officer of the Law pulls you over and your car registration is out of date or your insurance is, take the ticket and go on about your day. At least you're not in Jail!!

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  1. Good job on not buying them lunch! Moses will be proud.